Thailand Bloggers to follow

So you want to know all about Thailand? There are many top-notch bloggers who are totally worth following. Some (like me) live here, some lived here but left recently, but their Thailand blogs are still relevant and helpful, and then there are the long-term travel bloggers, who come and go but give a unique and often funny take on travelling in Thailand. Here is a list of blogs we love to follow and share that are all about Thailand or have an outstanding blog category in Thailand.

This article was last updated in February 2024

  1. The Thaizer
  2. Bangkok Glutton
  3. Tieland to Thailand
  4. Jamie’s Phuket Blog
  5. Richard Barrow
  6. Sirinya’s Thailand
  7. Mark Wiens – Eating Thai Food
  8. The Thailand Life
  9. Trips on Abbey Road
  10. Back Pack Bob
  11. A Broken Back Pack
  12. World Travel Family
  13. SonAsia Holiday
  14. Thailand Travel Bag

This article presents a curated list of Thailand-focused bloggers, offering a wealth of knowledge and perspectives on the country. These blogs, regularly updated and rich in content, range from detailed guides by expatriates living in Thailand to insights from seasoned travellers. Whether you’re looking for up-to-date travel advice, cultural insights, or culinary experiences, these blogs are valuable resources. Our top selections include ‘The Thaizer’, ‘Bangkok Glutton’, ‘Tieland to Thailand’, and ‘Jamie’s Phuket Blog’. They provide comprehensive coverage of various aspects of Thai life and travel.

Also, if you have suggestions for other noteworthy Thailand blogs, please share them. This list is part of an ongoing effort to offer our readers the most relevant and informative content about Thailand.

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