Party places on Phi Phi

Recommended Party Places on Koh Phi Phi Island

Despite the limited land-area, Koh Phi Phi stellar night time entertainment mainly directed at the under 30’s. It’s laid back, fun and not sleazy. The island comes to life at night, and there is live music, DJ’s, fire shows, party games, Thai boxing and buckets local cocktails. We’ve made a solid list of the best bars and clubs to help get your party started. Enjoy!

PP Princess Pool Party – Koh Phi Phi

This is a really fun daytime party place on Koh Phi Phi – if you’re not staying at the resort then it’s 200 baht entrance to unless it’s PP Princess Pool Party Day (normally Fridays) in which case it’s free to get in and they’ve got the place decked out. Guest DJ’s bring fresh tunes and extra bars are set up around the area. The swim up bar is very cool and if you’re feeling hungry then the resort’s restaurant has a standard menu of Thai and Western food. At the Friday pool parties, they set up a small Barbecue.

Reggae Bar – Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi Reggae Bar can be summed up in one phrase – ‘Muay Thai with Margaritas.’ It is one of the longest-established night spots on Koh Phi Phi and is located in the village near to Jordan’s Irish Pub. Reggae Bar is a large venue featuring music, five bars, pool tables, and in the centre: a Thai boxing ring. Every night professional demonstrations are held, but spectators are also invited to fight in the ring for fun nightly too.

The bar is laid back but can become rowdy as the night proceeds. Fighting kicks off at around 9pm but if you are drinking it may be wise to leave the gloves off and simply enjoy the show. For those who fancy their chances in the ring, bear in mind that getting into any boxing ring when drunk is dumb. Drinks are quite expensive here compared to other bars.

Sunflower Beach Bar & Restaurant – Koh Phi Phi

Sun Flower Beach Bar & Restaurant is a relaxed beach bar and a great place to watch the sunset and spend the evening. Situated at the north end of Loh Dalum bay, it has hammocks and mats set around a bamboo bar. The ambiance could not be more laid-back.

There’s a boat on site which has guest rooms within it and the main part of the bar is underneath. There’s also a charming overgrown garden. Drink prices are reasonable, the food has a great reputation and the chilled out music is very good. In the evening, fire shows and acoustic live music are performed.  Sun Flower is the perfect place to escape from the noise.

Relax Bar – Koh Phi Phi

This big bar has a Thai style feel to it, with big wooden furniture and high ceilings. Relax Bar is actually a Scandinavian themed bar. This bar tends to stay open later than most other bars as well so drop by for wind down drinks on the way home.

Carlito’s Beach Bar & Nightclub – Koh Phi Phi

Carlito’s Beach Bar and Nightclub is a buzzing night spot located along the path leading to the eastern end of Tonsai Bay. With the reputation of being Phi Phi’s first bar, it is definitely one of the oldest party places on Koh Phi Phi Island. At Carlito’s, people can enjoy the famous ‘bucket, watch a fire show and they can also dance on the very big dance floor. Carlito’s captures Koh Phi Phi’s vivacious atmosphere and is worth checking out. It is the place to go if you are sociable and love noisy parties.

Banana Rooftop Bar – Koh Phi Phi

Banana Rooftop Bar in Tonsai Village is set on the roof of the Sombrero Mexican Restaurant. The terrace of the building has great views over Loh Dalum – including stunning sunsets – and houses half a dozen of bamboo salas provided with cushions and mats. Two bars – also made of bamboo – serve cocktails,beers and spirits. Fire shows and even hula hoop contests are performed in the evening, making the venue a great place to party.

The upper decking of the bar provides 360 degree views of the village and bays surrounding. Just after sunset the deck chairs are scattered on the soon to be dance floor and a movie is played. The movies closing credits blend into music videos and the partying begins.

Rolling Stoned Bar – Koh Phi Phi

Rolling Stoned Bar is one of the most popular night spots in Tonsai Village. Established in 2001, it hosts the best live band that performs in the entire Phi Phi group of islands – pop, blues, rock, hard rock, reggae these musicians are able to play any style right for the great pleasure of their cheering audience; they even enjoy an occasional jam with musically skillful punters. The venue has  a hippie feel with low wooden tables and floor cushions It also has four pool tables.

Carpe Diem – Koh Phi Phi 

Carpe Diem is a great place to chill out in the evening. Located on Tonsai east beach, it has a large terrace and a wooden building with the bar and on the second floor, a terrace with cushions and low tables, and offers great views of the bay. They even lay mats and cushions on the beach in the evenings, surrounded by tea candles, to create an intimate ambiance. With cool live music, beach dance parties, and relaxed ambience, Carpe Diem is the good choice for a great evening and for mingling if you travel alone.

Slinky Beach Bar – Koh Phi Phi (4play Bar)

Slinky Beach Bar is one of the wildest parties on Koh Phi Phi. It is a large open-air disco/club set right on the beach of Loh Dalum, offering people a choice of entertainment opportunities, including dancing, a mechanical bull ride, face and body painting, fire shows, fire skipping and fire-limbo. The 10pm fire show is an extravaganza and probably the best fireshow on the island.

Cocktail buckets and other drinks are affordable, and the ambience is quite mad – yet friendly. Slinky Bar’s sound system is huge and the music played here is up to date with trendy European clubs.

Dojo Bar – Koh Phi Phi

One side of this big square venue houses a bar with a large selection of quality spirits including a large variety of flavoured vodkas. The other three sides of this bar open onto the street providing the perfect place for people watching. The bar hosts a beer bong table which draws a crowd. As the night goes on, the music gets loud and it is time to hit the dance floor. This bar stays open late.

Jordan’s Irish Pub – Koh Phi Phi

With its 3-for-1 buckets and iced beer on tap, Jordan’s Irish Pub is the hub of Tonsai village’s party hub. There’s TV, pool tables, and reasonably priced drinks too. You can drink downstairs or grab an upstairs spot to chill and watch the merriment unfold outside. Sine Jordan’s Irish Pub shows major sporting events, there is a ‘football’ style with air conditioning which is handy because the place gets packed. They also serve Guiness and have an Irish themed venue.

Stockholm Syndrome – Koh Phi Phi

Located in the centre of the village, Stockholm Syndrome has a large open front decorated with massive signs and beer pong tables and loud music constantly blaring out of it. The DJs select an array of genres from Hip-hop, RnB and Pop. Funneling drinks competitions is sometimes take place. The dance floor is illuminated by an lasers and lights with the occasional blast of the smoke machine to fog things up.  There’s a pool table and upstairs is host to a load of comfy sofas for a more chilled out lounge experience. This is one of the loudest party places on Koh Phi Phi Island.

Hippies Bar – Koh Phi Phi

Hippies Bar originally opened at the end of the nineties,  and is set right above the beach on a terrace filled in with low tables, mats and cushions. The building is mainly made of drift-wood and is very pretty in a hippy fashion.

Hippies Bar is the perfect place to hang on and chill-out after a busy day acd the food menu is pretty nice and not too expensive Hippies Bar becomes lively after 9pm and is more laid-back alternative to the madness in action at Slinky and Apache Beach Bar on Loh Dalum.  Don’t miss the Fool Moon party held here: they can get pretty wild, with guest DJs, dancing on the sand, as well as plenty of booze and noise.

Kong Siam – Koh Phi Phi

Kong Siam hosts live music every night by the band also called KongSiam. The bar is quite small but has a lively atmosphere and sometimes the audience are invited to sing with the band, if they can just about hold a tune. The bar is slightly more expensive than other bars on Koh Phi Phi but with such a good band and limited capacity, that seems reasonable.

Indie Sports Bar – Koh Phi Phi

An English owned and run pub tucked down a quiet street, the music’s kept at a fairly low volume so you can still speak over it, which makes a change from most of the bars. The many TV’s around the bar are dedicated to sports, whether it be live or replays. The big games take over the speakers so don’t expect much music on the weekends. They have a foosball table which can be fun and check with the staff about other traditional pub style events such as quizzes and live music.

Sunset Bar – Koh Phi Phi

Located 10 minutes from the center of town, on the hillside overlooking Phi Phi’s party beach is a lovely bar. You couldn’t call this bar any other name, this is the best spot to watch the sunset on the island. Get here before 6pm to find a table for the sunset or if you want to escape the crowd during the daytime this is a lovely place to enjoy some views during the day. The food is excellent but quite pricey and the cocktails and fresh shakes are really good.

That’s it! We hope you enjoy yourself on the delightful, tiny party island. We have also written another blog about the basics of having fun on Koh Phi Phi which gives you information on how to get there, where to stay and where everything is.

We hope you have a lovely and happy time on Koh Phi Phi Island.

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Recommended Party Places on Koh Phi Phi Island


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