Ao Sane Beach, a hidden beach of Phuket

Hidden Beaches of Phuket: 6 Secret Shores to Discover

Phuket, Thailand’s jewel island, is renowned for its bustling beaches and vibrant nightlife. But for those in the know, there’s a quieter side to this paradise, filled with hidden beaches waiting to be discovered. Welcome back to our exploration of Phuket’s serene escapes with six more hidden beaches of Phuket. Following our popular previous blog featuring six quiet beaches on Phuket Island, we delve deeper into the island’s hidden treasures. This sequel unveils another set of tranquil shores, perfect for those who relished the peaceful retreats we previously uncovered. Each beach has a unique allure, promising tranquillity and an opportunity to connect with nature intimately. Join us as we continue our journey, revealing more secluded spots where the untouched beauty of Phuket shines through.

Laem Singh Beach

Laem Singh by Lee Sheridan

Nestled between Kamala and Surin, Laem Singh Beach remains a coveted secret, known for its picturesque landscape. This charming cove, only accessible via a hidden steep path or by boat, boasts golden sands and crystal-clear azure waters – a perfect haven for a serene day by the sea.

How to Get There: Located between Kamala and Surin, Laem Singh Beach can be reached by a hidden path from the main road or by hiring a longtail boat from Kamala or Surin Beach. The path is somewhat concealed and may require guidance from a local to find.

Insider Tip: Visit early morning to enjoy the beach in solitude or late afternoon for a stunning sunset view.

Ao Sane Beach

Ao Sane Beach, a hidden beach of Phuket

A paradise for snorkelling enthusiasts, Ao Sane Beach is a secluded, rocky enclave near Nai Harn. Its crystalline waters and vibrant marine life make it an ideal spot for those seeking to immerse themselves in Phuket’s underwater marvels away from crowded beaches. There is excellent shade under trees on both sides of the beach.

How to Get There: This beach is near Nai Harn, at the end of a road past the Nai Harn hotel. Follow the signs to the hotel, then continue on the minor road leading to Ao Sane.

Insider Tip: Bring your snorkelling gear to explore the rich underwater life, and don’t miss the quaint beachside restaurant for a taste of local cuisine.

Ya Nui Beach

Ya Nui Beach a hidden beach of Phuket

Close to Nai Harn, Ya Nui Beach enchants with its unassuming beauty. This petite sandy stretch, bordered by lush hills and rocky formations, offers a serene setting for sunbathing and swimming, complemented by breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea.

How to Get There: Situated near Nai Harn, Ya Nui is easily accessible by following the coastal road from Nai Harn Beach towards Promthep Cape. The beach is visible from the road, with parking available close by.

Insider Tip: Ya Nui is perfect for a quiet afternoon picnic, with local vendors offering delightful snacks and refreshments.

Ao Yon Beach

Ao Yon Beach Phuket

In the southeast of Phuket, Ao Yon stands as an emblem of peace. Known for its calm waters and shady palm trees, this beach is ideal for those seeking a relaxed day or a peaceful stroll along its gentle shores.

How to Get There: Located in the southeast of Phuket, head towards Cape Panwa and follow signs to Ao Yon. The beach is accessible through a small road winding through a quaint local village.

Insider Tip: Visit the nearby pearl farm for a unique experience, and enjoy the fresh seafood served at local beachfront eateries.

Pansea Beach

Tucked away near the upscale area of Surin, Pansea Beach is a secluded slice of paradise, shared with only a few luxury resorts. Its exclusivity ensures a tranquil beach experience away from the island’s busier beaches. Framed by rugged rocks on both ends and boasting a stretch of exquisite deep sand at its heart, this spot is perfect for swimming.

How to Get There: Near Surin Beach, access Pansea by taking the coastal road from Surin towards The Surin Phuket and Amanpuri resorts. Although shared with these resorts, the beach remains open to the public.

Insider Tip: Visit during weekdays for maximum privacy, and consider a beachside massage from one of the local therapists for an extra touch of luxury.

Hua Beach

A hidden jewel awaiting discovery, Hua Beach offers solitude amidst unspoiled scenery. This peaceful beach, known for its soft sands and calm waters, is perfect for those seeking a private retreat within Phuket’s natural splendour.

How to Get There: To reach this hidden spot, head towards Kamala Beach and follow the coastal road north. Hua Beach is situated before reaching the main Kamala area, marked by a small sign indicating a path to the beach.

Insider Tip: Pack a good book and a hammock for a truly relaxing experience, and don’t forget to explore the nearby rock formations.

To Conclude

Phuket’s hidden beaches are serene experiences that offer a much-needed escape from the usual. They remind us that the best travel moments sometimes come from the less travelled roads. These shores are a testament to Phuket’s diverse beauty, offering everything from adventurous snorkelling spots to peaceful enclaves for relaxation.

Whether you’re a long-time visitor or a first-timer, these beaches will add a memorable chapter to your Phuket adventure.

These six hidden beaches offer a quieter, more intimate experience of Phuket. Each beach has a unique charm, promising a chance to connect with nature. So, pack your  day bag, and let’s discover the secret shores of Phuket! 

Remember to respect the natural beauty of these beaches and leave them as pristine as you found them. Happy exploring!


  • Laem Singh Beach by Lee Sheridan on Flickr
  • Ao Sane Beach by Tofobo Family on their website
  • Ya Nui Beach by shankar s. on Flickr
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