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Why getting married in Thailand may be the best idea you ever had

When choosing the location of your destination wedding, there are so many places that really stand out. If you imagine tropical flowers, colourful food, gracious hosts and an exotic holiday spot for all your guests, then consider Thailand. Here are a selection of reasons why getting married in Thailand may be the best idea you ever had.


Amazing backdrops

Thailand is full of natural beauty. The beaches stunning of course,  but you can also hold your wedding at a jungle lodge, a mountain retreat, in a botancial garden or even at a private villa. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that Thailand will be your wedding dream.

Delicious food

Your guests will love the vibrant, fresh and delicious food that you serve. Thai food is ideal for a wedding and it is only when you come to Thailand that you experience it at its best. Thai food is zesty, colourful, healthy and inspiring. All top hotels in Thailand will also have an international chef to serve western food options to your guests for those who don’t have a pallete for Thai food.

Cost effective staff

Thailand is called the Land of Smiles and with good reason. If you are considering getting married in Thaikand, everyone around you will be gracious and thoughtful. Your wedding can also be well staffed without breaking the bank. There are many expat wedding planners in Thailand and they can help you navigate the wedding planning process. Wedding Planners based in Thailand are going to be more cost effective than a planner based in your home country.

Local traditions


You can hire monks to perform a blessing ceremonyMany wedding couples incorporate Thai customs into their ceremony. Buddhist monks are happy to bless a wedding couple in an ancient and beautiful Buddhist blessing, or wedding planners can also help you incorporate any wedding traditions you would like.




Flowers are everywhere in Thailand – they are gorgeous and inexpensive. You can hold your wedding in a beautiful garden surrounded by thousands of plants and trees, or make the most stunning arrangements at your venue. Even the beach can be strewn with petals.

Thai Lanterns


Lighting a sky lantern and letting it float away is considered good luck. The Buddhist belief is that misfortune will fly away with these beautiful Tha lanterns. The offering of lanterns is also said to symbolise knowledge – their light guiding those who release it being on the right path in life. You can incorporate these and many other Thai customs into your wedding, giving a uniquely Asian flair to your wedding event.

Holiday destination for your wedding guests


Turn your destination wedding into a holiday for your guests without missing out on your own honeymoon. Thailand is an awesome place to invite your friends and together you can snorkel, take Thai cookery lessons, get a massage, go jungle trekking or just hang out at the beach. You can have your wedding event with some days planned together and then encourage your guest to explore Thailand themselves while you, separately, embark on your honeymoon vacation too.

Modern and Chic Resorts


Whether you are planning an opulent wedding, or a budget wedding next to bamboo bungalows, there are some wonderfully designed resorts over Thailand. There are many award winning resorts in terms of design or if you are on a budget – plug in to the power of a local Facebook group to find a  budget gem.

Year round beach destination

Thailand has a rainy season between June and November but it is not at all like the monsoon season you are probably imagining. It doesn’t rain everyday and if it does rain it will only be for an hour or two. Koh Samui is ideal if you want to get married between June and November because this island is unusually dry and it only rains a lot during November. If you are planning a wedding during low season on the other coast (Krabi, Trang, Phang Nga or Phuket) then you will be getting excellent prices. Just make sure you have an indoor alternative plan and your wedding will go without a hitch.


You can make your wedding a combined city/beach break, and delight your guests by throwing a party in the chic city of Bangkok. Bangkok has some amazing private party venues including rooftop bars that are on the list of top rooftop bars of the world. Getting married in Thailand doesn’t just have to be about beaches!

What time of year is best?

December to May is the official “hot/dry” season, but it is hot and humid all year round. It is hottest in April and you may find it too hot.

The rainy/green season lasts from June to November but it is not monsoon weather as you may imagine it. It doesn’t rain everyday and if it does, it will only be for an hour or so. If you book between June and November you will get much better rates and all you need do is make sure your venue has an indoor back up plan.

The east coast is drier than the west coast except in November when it rains for most of the month. If you want to get married on Koh Samui or surrounding islands we recommend you don’t do it in November.

We hope this has given you inspiration for a destination wedding in Thailand. If you would like ot find out how to legally get married in Thailand, please check out our blog about that by following this link. 

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 Why Getting Married in Thailand May be the Best Idea You Ever Had

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