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Hello and Sawasdee! I'm the face behind 'Thailand Travel Bag,' a seasoned traveller and marketing professional who's been captivated by the allure of Thailand since 2006. Living here for part of the year and married to a Thai native, I've had the unique privilege of experiencing Thailand not just as a tourist, but as a part of its vibrant community. I deliver authentic Thailand travel insights.

Hi, I'm Nikki and I am a passionate about Thailand

While marketing is my professional calling, Thailand Travel Bag is my personal canvas – a place where I share my love of this enchanting country. Join me as I unfold the myriad of experiences that Thailand has to offer. From its bustling street markets to serene beaches, all through the lens of someone who's grown to call it a second home. This blog is a celebration of my journeys through Thailand. From the serene Buddhist temples in Chiang Mai, to the full moon parties on the beaches of Koh Phangan, where the night sky dances with a thousand lights, Thailand offers an endless mosaic of experiences. Whether you're a seasoned traveller or dreaming of your first Thai adventure, my insights aim to guide you beyond the tourist trails and into the soul of this wondrous land.

Owner of Thailand Travel Bag

" Thailand Travel Bag isn't just a blog; it's a gateway to experiencing Thailand through the eyes of someone who's lived its culture and cherished its traditions. It's where genuine passion meets insightful guidance, helping travellers not just visit, but truly connect with the heart of Thailand. "

Nikki Hammett

Addressing the Need for Authentic, In-depth Travel Insights

Thailand Travel Bag was born out of a desire to fill a gap I noticed - too many travel blogs were offering surface-level insights from fleeting visits. I wanted to create a space where the rich details and deep understanding that come from years of living in and loving Thailand could be shared with those seeking a more profound connection with this incredible country. Beyond the captivating narratives and stunning visuals, Thailand Travel Bag delves into the practicalities of Thai travel, offering a wealth of in-depth information that goes far beyond the surface. Whether it's navigating the most efficient routes to the tranquil beaches of Koh Lanta, comparing the travel costs to the vibrant city of Hua Hin, or estimating the journey time to the picturesque hills of Pai, my blog is your comprehensive guide. I meticulously detail the pros and cons of various locations, helping you make informed decisions about where to go, what to see, and how to experience Thailand to the fullest. This is not just a showcase of Thailand's beauty but a practical handbook, from a traveller to a traveller, ensuring your journey through this enchanting land is as seamless and rewarding as possible.

In 2014, I decided to create a useful online resource for travelling in Thailand.

Blending my passion for Thailand with my love for writing and photography, I've created a vivid tapestry of experiences and visuals that truly capture the essence of this enchanting country.

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