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8 peaceful beaches in Khao Lak, Thailand

Embark on a journey to Khao Lak, an idyllic stretch of coastline in Thailand’s Phang Nga Province, where tranquility meets the sea. Spanning 30 km, from the serene Bang Sak in the north to the bustling Thap Lamu Pier in the south, Khao Lak presents a refreshing contrast to its more famous neighbour, Phuket. Here, exquisite beaches are adorned with top-tier hotels, yet the atmosphere remains peaceful, family-friendly, and intimately connected to the splendid nearby national park. It’s an ideal retreat for those who cherish quiet beach days, fine dining, and subtle charm, far from the clamour of typical tourist traps.

1 Bang Sak Beach

You will find Bang Sak Beach 4km north of Pakarang Cape, which is extremely quiet and has gorgeous white sand and clear waters. The beach is lined with casuarina trees and popular with locals who sit in the shade and have a picnic. There are around five resorts here, and the main one is BangSak Village, which has an excellent reputation. Bank Sek has amazing small seafood stalls, and the grilled fish dishes are a favourite of local Thais. This area has very few shops and restaurants, so if you have come for peace and quiet, this place is for you.

2.Pak Wip Beach

1km north of Pakarang Cape and on the same stretch as Bang Sak is Pak Wip Beach, which is 5km of gorgeous white sand. All year round, swimming is possible here with a gentle and relaxing swell. There are some medium-priced accommodations here, but this area is famous for its amazing 5-star hotels, such as Pullman Khao Lak Katiliya Resort and Spa and Beyond Resort. If you plan on staying in cheaper accommodation away from the beach area, don’t forget that there are no private beaches in Thailand, so everyone is welcome to all parts of the beach; just don’t use the beachfront hotel’s facilities. This area is also quiet, although a little village is nearby with a few convenience stores. Inland, visitors can spend an afternoon at Pakwib, Sai Rai Rung and Bor Hin waterfalls.

3. Pakarang Cape

The next beach south is Pakarang Beach. It is another tranquil and lovely beach around the other side of Pakarang Cape from Pak Wib Beach. As you approach the cape, the sand is stony, but still, this beach is very pleasant. Like Pak Wip, this beach is renowned for its amazing 5-star hotels like The Sarojin. The Cape is well known as a surf destination during the low season (June-November)

4. Khuk Khak Beach

4km north of Bang Niang and just south of Pakarang lies the deserted beach of Khuk Khak, which is 3km long. this spot is lovely because of the white sand, palm trees and the view. The only resort on this beach is The Marriot, and so it remains an authentically Thai area. It is a regional place for local hotel owners to buy things such as hardware and has a local daily food market that is fun to check out. Khuk Khak Beach can be reached by turning at the Marriott Hotel sign and then passing the resort to the beach.

5. Bang Niang Beach

The long Bang Niang coastline has many tracks leading to a long white sandy beach. The beach is great for sunset and has clear and calm waters in high season (December-June) so is great for swimming and snorkelling. There are also trees along the beach, which is ideal for when you need shade, and overall, this is my favourite part of Khao Lak. You can walk from Bang Niang Beach down to Nang Thong Beach since the beaches join up, and although the beach of Bang Niang is not as wide or long as Nang Thong, it does have many excellent hotels, such as La Flora Hotel and Ramada Resort. Bang Niang is not as busy as Nang Thong but is developing fast. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, ATMs and massage shops if you want to head out of your resort (which many people never do if they find a great one).

6. Nang Thong Beach

Nang Thong is the busiest beach area in Khao Lak. The beach is perfect for a sunset stroll, swimming, sunbathing and good snorkelling. It has a long white sandy beach with rocks, casuarina trees and palms. It is a wide beach with mountain slopes as a beautiful backdrop. There are many supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, bars, shops, and diving schools found near the beach and up on the main road. Although it is the busiest part of Khao Lak, it still has plenty of space and peace. There are many hotels spanning the length of the beach, such as stunning The Sands by Katathani

7. Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is located at the south end of Nang Thong Beach and is a very pretty and quiet spot to spend the day. All the hotels here are built on the slope of the mountain, within or near the rainforest. Sunset Beach has a few little restaurants, bars, and supermarkets, and Khao Lak Centre is within walking distance for more. An example of the kind of hotel you can find here is Khao Lak Sunset Resort, a very nice four-star hotel.

8. Khao Lak (South) Beach

  • Khao Lak (South) Beach is 2km long and is the shortest of Khao Lak’s‚ beaches. Khao Lak South Beach has a tropical atmosphere because it is nestled beneath the mountains and National Park. It is ideal for a quiet and peaceful beach spot. There are only 5 or 6 hotels and a small tourist area. An example of the kind of hotel you can find on Khao Lak Beach is Briza Resort, a very nice four-star hotel.

As our exploration of Khao Lak concludes, we’re reminded of the diverse experiences this coastal haven offers. From the secluded shores of Bang Sak to the lively scenes at Nang Thong Beach, Khao Lak caters to every desire. Whether for the sun-kissed beaches, the local markets, or the luxurious resorts, Khao Lak blends serene beauty with a touch of sophistication, making it an unmissable destination for travellers seeking relaxation and adventure in Thailand’s splendid seascape.

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