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6 Awesome Books About Thailand

Welcome to the enchanting world of Thailand through the eyes of seasoned explorers and keen observers. In “Travelers’ Tales Thailand: True Stories” and other captivating books, the essence of Thailand is vividly captured, offering readers a multi-faceted view of this mesmerising land. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the serene temples and vibrant customs, these books weave a tapestry of experiences that showcase Thailand’s cultural richness and diversity. Join us as we delve into these fascinating narratives that bring the heart and soul of Thailand to life.


Travelers’ Tales Thailand: True Stories by James O’Reilly (Editor) (2009)

This collection of personal stories paints a unique portrait of Thailand, a complex and captivating land. One contributor lives as a monk for a month, another discovers Bangkok’s riverine pleasures, a world away from its car-choked streets. Yet another finds refuge as the houseguest of an isolated tribesman. Through these engaging personal stories, with this book about Thailand readers witness how Thailand satisfies just about any traveller’s hunger for the exotic and the beautiful

Thai Ways – by Denis Segaller (2005)

This is a delightful collection of nearly everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Thai customs and beliefs, engagingly explained in a grandfatherly way by a long-time English resident of Thailand. The stories in this book about Thailand demystify constructs like the system of royal ranks and the Thai musical scale, and customs like the Loi Krathong festival.

Bangkok Found: Reflections On The City – by Alex Kerr (2011)

Evocative and incisive, this book about Bangkok looks deep within traditional culture to discover how Bangkok is like no other contemporary city. It’s the book you read after you’ve seen the temples and enjoyed the nightlife – and then start to wonder where the mysterious appeal of Bangkok really lies.

Culture Shock! Thailand: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette

This book about Thailand explains the customs, traditions, social and business etiquette in a lively and informative style. The books in this series have a friendly and honest writing style and are full of personal experiences, practical advice and useful information. It contains: insights into the people and their culture and traditions; advice on adapting into the local environment; linguistic help and hints on how to learn the language and do business.

Next Life in the Afternoon: A Journey Through Thailand – by Carl Weaver (2012)

This reads like a novel but this book about Thailand is the true story of what happens when the author’s plans to ordain as a Buddhist monk in Thailand are derailed after he has arrived in the country. This is spiritual, funny, at times irreverent, and full of personal lessons learned along the way.

Fieldwork – by Mischa Berlinski (2009)

This novel is a brilliantly original and page-turning story of anthropologists, missionaries, demon possession, sexual taboos, murder, and one obsessed young American reporter in Thailand. If you were to buy one novel about Thailand, this should be it.

Inspiring Reads about Thailand


As our literary journey through Thailand comes to a close, it’s evident that these books offer more than just stories; they are windows into the soul of a vibrant, complex, and intriguing country. From the insightful “Thai Ways” to the thrilling “Fieldwork,” each book peels back layers of Thai culture, revealing its intricacies and charm. Whether through the eyes of a monk, an expatriate, or a traveller, these narratives provide a deep understanding of Thailand’s traditions, beliefs, and the captivating allure of its cities and people. Much like Thailand, these tales are a mosaic of adventure, spirituality, and discovery, beckoning readers to explore further.




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